Bear’s Backyard Honey

Backyard honey is richer and more complex than the commercial honey commonly found in stores.

All honeys get their flavor from the blooms that the bees forage on. With backyard honey, the bees get nectar from the flowers grown by our neighbors. Because the nectar might come from hundreds of different flowers rather than just a handful of sources (i.e., apple or clover), backyard honey has many layers and its complex deliciousness makes it special.

When you eat Bear’s Backyard Honey, you’re tasting the effects of weather and season on our neighbors’ gardens.  Lavender, squash blossoms, raspberries, Himalayan blackberry, dandelions, borage, phacelia, clover, and many other sources known only to the bees, combine to create complex layers in the honey’s taste.

This year’s version of Bear’s Backyard Honey is a dark caramel brown, most likely because of the buckwheat and knotweed found not far from our Bellingham home near Cornwall Park. It also has a taste of lavender from the plants found in Bear’s backyard, which are a favorite with all kinds of pollinators.

Bear’s Backyard Honey is sweet and brown just like Bear himself.

Raw and unfiltered honey